Forums are now available!! 16th December 2010

We are making available to all the spacegame users a forums page where to post on threads belonging to different forums. Visit our new wiki page to see more!!!! The forums have been implemented using the Read more
Back Online 22nd November 2010

After an intense week of technical difficulties we are back online with a new and most powerful server!!! We really want to thank the hundreds of people who wrote to us to support our efforts for a new and most reliable server. In particualar our thoughts go to Mr. Efi and Dr.Ing. Gpt for having proven to be so useful and modern and friendly.... Read more
Space Week Solutions Now Visible 15th October 2010

You are now able to view all the solutions submitted to the Space Week Competition via the rankings page... Read more

The Space Game is a game and a crowdsourcing experiment run by the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency aimed to improve the methods for designing interplanetary trajectories. We do not claim that computers are not able or are particularly bad at solving such problems. Rather, we think that 'watching' humans design complex interplanetary trajectories can be of help to improve the intelligence of computer algorithms.

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There are currently 2 missions where 6737 users have submitted 2454 solutions to ESA.