The Space Game has been thought and developed entirely by scientists at the Advanced Concepts Team during the course of summer 2010.

Game Developers:

  • Frazer Barnsley, Chit Hong Yam, Dario Izzo, Francesco Biscani

Game Concept:

  • Dario Izzo, Kevin de Groote, Chit Hong Yam


  • Over the years, the idea of developing a space game within the Advanced Concepts Team has had a lot of proactive supporters and fans.... among them special thanks go to Andres Galvez, the PaGMO team, all the Advanced Concepts Team
  • Special thanks go to the italian graphic designer Fabio Annecchini who designed the game logo and gave colours to the game.

More Info

  • The code of the space game is released under the GPL licence
  • All calculation in the spacegame are performed using astrodynamics modules and routines representing accurately the spacecraft keplerian dynamic
  • Connect to Sourceforge and look for 'thespacegame' to have a look at the whole project code
  • If you are interested in becoming a developer contact us
      And do not forget to visit our websites: