The America’s cup of rocket science

The Global Trajectory Optimization Competition is an event taking place every one-two years over roughly one month during which the best aerospace engineers and mathematicians world wide challenge themselves to solve a “nearly-impossible” problem of interplanetary trajectory design. The problem is released by the winning team of the previous edition who, also, is free to define entirely the competition rules.

The problem needs to be related to interplanetary trajectory design and its complexity high  enough to ensure a clear competition winner. Over the years, the various problem statements and solutions returned, collected in this website, will form a formidable database of experiences, solutions and challenges for the scientific community.

The GTOC competitions are opened to everybody, to participate to the next edition, join the GTOC Google Group and you will receive the next call for participation. In case you are not able to join the group directly, mail your request to act_at_esa_dot_int

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