jpl_logoThe tenth edition of the Global Trajectory Optimization Competition will be organised by Anastassios Petropoulos from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Outer Planets Mission Analysis Group.

The GTOC X announcement has been made!! What we all feared (and waited for at the same) time, happened. Click here to go to the preliminary announcement.

  • 18 April, morning (USA Pacific Time) – Registration opens at the website
  • 12 May – Registration closes
  • 15 May – GTOC X problem is posted on the website
  • Solutions are to be submitted to the same website for automated verification and ranking, which will be posted to a leaderboard on the website
  • 12 June – Solution submission period closes, winner announced
  • 11-15 August 2019 – GTOC X Workshop – a number of teams from the competition’s leaderboard will be invited to present papers at the GTOC X Special Session of the  AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference in Portland, Maine, USA.
The papers presented at the GTOC X Special Session will be part of the conference proceedings.  Even though the abstract submission deadline has passed for the conference, special arrangements have been made with the conference organizers for the GTOC X papers to be selected after the close of the competition.  Up to about 8 papers can be given at the special session.  Teams that do present, will have to submit their papers by the normal conference paper deadline of 2 August.  Teams are encouraged to make travel plans to attend the Workshop and conference, even if they do not end up presenting their work.