GTOC humor

 Some silly jokes for GTOC nerds:
1. Waiting for GTOCX
2. A GTOC meme:

a gtoc memeUp to GTOC9, when the automated verification of trajectories was introduced, after the competition ended, before the final results were officially released, many waited with impatience for that e-mail

3. Another GTOC meme:

a gtoc meme

While highly enjoyable, GTOCs are also very demanding and when the news is out of the new new competition schedule, it may have an impact on people morale.
4. The GTOC conjecture:
... using xkcdfy python toolbox

… using xkcdfy python toolbox

Theorem: a team health and the objective function lie on a circle with center at the origin.
Corollary: the winning GTOC team is either the healthiest at the beginning of the competition or there will be a healthier team at the end of the competition.
5. Kepler


6. Gravity Wells